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Great tileset! I've been using these in a series of interactive music videos called Endless Ruin. It's perfect for the setting and gave me a good foundation to build on. Thank you!


so in bitsy 3d (yes) i put this into it and edited it to make it look nice...

wow it looks sick...

code is bitsydungeon3d

sneak at what im making with this...

i really like it!

I'm glad you figured it out! It's looking good!


cant wait to use this!!

the zip does not work.... it just makes everything empty and the background goes black....

oh no, I'm sorry it's not working! Can you tell me more about your process? Did you unzip the file? What browser are you using? I just tried in Firefox and it worked as I expected! I hope we can solve it!

(2 edits)

ok, i was in chrome, and, i open the zip, no html for bitsy... ok.. i upload into bitsy and it just does not work :l

edit; i figured it out XD the html is in there, i just missed it! 

Thank you for this tileset, used on my Nokia 3310 3 jam submission. They were perfect!


Thank you, this looks just the thing to let me fiddle around in bitsy without spending ages attempting to draw things! not to mention the items are super cute and can probably inspire stories and characters in themselves.

The tiles and sprites look so good! I can tell what/who they are even before seeing their names. Great job!

Thank you! <3

This is really cool!!! ^^

Thank you!