How to draw a dungeon

I'm going to show you my process for drawing a dungeon with these tiles. 

First of all, remember that you can adjust the size of the "find drawing" window. Drag the corner and resize!

In this case, 5 or 6 tiles wide works well

Then pick a floor tile and start to block out the interior of the rooms and corridors. Think about what you are going to put in the dungeon... is it going to be narrow, dark and convoluted? Or will it need large rooms to accomodate many adventurers and treasures? Your choice! It is important to leave at least two tiles of distance between rooms, so that you have space for the walls.

Then start building the walls around: first with the tile called "wall". You don't need to be super precise at this time, it's easy to correct mistakes! For example, you will notice I have forgotten to add walls to the corridor going into the bottom room. We'll fix it later!

Then start adding the side walls ("side left" and "side right"). It's already starting to take shape!

Now we're going for details: first the external corners, using the four tiles: side left down, side right down, side left up and side right up. The more details you add, the easier it becomes to see what's missing.

Finally, the internal corners, with the remaining four "wall" tiles. Remember you can also filter the tiles for name.

You'll notice I turned off the grid here, to check how it will look in the game!

Now the fun part: decorate! Add some torches to light the dungeon, a pile of skulls for ambience... use different types of floor to mark where a trap is, or maybe something interesting... or dangerous. Put some cracks in your wall as an alternate route to avoid the gelatinous cube in the corridor, add some stairs that will bring your adventurer up or down a level... have fun!

Finally, don't forget to check your walls so that your dungeon is playable!

If you left more than two tiles of distance between rooms, and put cracks in the wall, your avatar might end up wandering inside the walls of your dungeon, and we don't wan't that to happen (or maybe you do! Go wild!)

To avoid that, use the "invisible wall" tile to block unwanted wandering.

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i LOVE this so much <3