5-min-Clue is small one-player RPG about being an amateur detective that  somehow keeps getting involved in murder mysteries.

It was made for The Case of the Thinky Game Jam and it takes 5 minutes to play.

There's no puzzle to solve, the die will  tell you who, where, and how; you will have to think quick about the why, and deliver a summation worthy of the best amateur sleuths. Or not, just have fun.

It's based on  5-min-e, created by Emily O'Heir.   Check out the original!
I didn't use Angela Quidam templates this time but I've learned a lot from them, and if you want to make your own 5-min game they're fantastic! I've made a few myself.

Comes in a few version:

- A4, for printing on one sheet of paper

- PhoneScreen, should be easily readable on a phone screen

- txt, for accessibility

- an online version, which will randomly select options for you, with a couple things added (names, mostly), so you don't even need a die to play!

Magnifying glass, couch, teacup from https://vintagegraphics.ohsonifty.com/

Vial from http://freevintagedigistamps.blogspot.com/

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TagsDetective, journaling, murder-mystery, Solo RPG, Tabletop role-playing game


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Very cute - a timer on the page would be a nice addition, but love the simplicity


Thank you! I'm going to look into adding one!

I love this!! Simple but elegant and fun! I can see how this can be turned into a party or online multiplayer version, where you compete with friends on the best summation! Oh, also maybe adding a timer could be a useful feature?

Thank you for playing and for the thoughtful comment!

Excellently simple, it's quite fun to gather all the evidence and roleplay a sleuth to make sense of it all. I must say its damningly satisfying when you make a comprehensive case with a motive, a method, their opportunity, forensic evidence, who may be witnesses, their cover, adding corroborating evidence. This is a great tool for inspiration in my D&D games.

thank you!