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This game has been created for Bookmark Microgame-jam 2022

Bookmark Microgame-jam 2022

It's a hack/variant of 5-min-e, this time in bookmark form, and with no dice!

Grab a book you love (or maybe one you disliked and want to change), this bookmark, and go write your own story in five minutes!

It's not recommended on a book you're still reading since you'll need to move the bookmark around and you risk spoiling yourself.

Download, print, cut around the solid lines and fold around the dotted. Glue the two sides together, or if you want to get fancy, cut the two halves apart and glue them to the sides of a piece of colored cardstock. 

Have fun!

Special thanks:

tom, Emma, onion, Rose and caeth for support and feedback

Emily O'Heir for creating 5-min-e

Angela Quidam for the 5-min-game templates that I didn't use this time but were great inspiration


Bona Nova

Londrina by Marcelo Magalhães Pereira

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Tagsjournaling, Print & Play, Singleplayer, Solo RPG, writing


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This is such a cute idea! Absolutely adore the idea of using bits and pieces of the book to make a story.

Ok I now know about the game jam! That's a great idea to make a 5-min-e bookmark!

I'm so glad to see new 5-min content :)

I have a few more I am going to publish soon! :)

You're unstoppable!

oh, I LOVE this idea!


What a fun idea! It sort of reminds me of my own book game concept: I had tried to create a Mad-Libs styled theme (open a book to find a name, another book to find a verb, a third book to find a preposition, etc.), but I had no idea what direction to take it ultimately. Your concept is much simpler and achievable! I am excited to play!

(1 edit)

yeah at first I tried to get more bits from the book but it became to hard to keep it coherent, I think I managed to get it balanced enough for a short game :)

I am going to publish another game that uses words from a book but it goes in a slightly different direction!

Nice! I look forward to seeing your new game!