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This is super clever! I love that it structures a story so seamlessly, and the timer ensures the story will be quick and fleeting but adds intensity and excitement into the writing (and reading) process!

- ✨Beth


thank you!


I just discover your game and I love it. Can I translte in french?

Thank you

Yes, sure!

Merci beaucoup 

This is such a cute idea! Absolutely adore the idea of using bits and pieces of the book to make a story.

Ok I now know about the game jam! That's a great idea to make a 5-min-e bookmark!

I'm so glad to see new 5-min content :)

I have a few more I am going to publish soon! :)

You're unstoppable!

oh, I LOVE this idea!


What a fun idea! It sort of reminds me of my own book game concept: I had tried to create a Mad-Libs styled theme (open a book to find a name, another book to find a verb, a third book to find a preposition, etc.), but I had no idea what direction to take it ultimately. Your concept is much simpler and achievable! I am excited to play!

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yeah at first I tried to get more bits from the book but it became to hard to keep it coherent, I think I managed to get it balanced enough for a short game :)

I am going to publish another game that uses words from a book but it goes in a slightly different direction!

Nice! I look forward to seeing your new game!