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Happy birthday Emma!

Here's some bread to go with your jam !

Thanks Ally for the recipe

Thanks Adam for Bitsy

Ayo for Borksy

Ben and Aleph3 for testing

and Emma for running this!

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om nom nom

How pleasing and calm!  Also the colours are great - it actually reminds me of a 70s cookbook with line drawings or something (a good thing). 

Thank you!

This is so sweet! I'm definitely gonna to try out this recipe soon!!!!

300 grams of flour....200 degrees Celsius....[sweats in American]


I can do pounds and ounces and Fahrenhei, just don't ask me to do cups :P

I was raised on cups, enui.....cups is all I know 😭😭😭

This is such a cool way to share a recipe. :) That hand was so keen to get working on the bread too. :D

This is lovely. The art is so nice and clean, and I really want to try the recipe.

do it!

Oh my god! It is a true recipe! Nice idea and a very cool kitchen!


thank you!