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Tags1-bit, 2D, Pixel Art


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Really cool idea and realisation ! Thanks for creating this game ! :)

I really like the graphics in this

thank you!

damn... thats laundry alright xD i love the hand avatar and the washing machine!!! 


thank you!

Ah the small things that go wrong, just like real life laundry :') ahaha this is so cute, I love the premise and also the cute art (the floorplan! that washing machine!). great work :D

Thank you! I guess people won't ask me "where do you get your ideas?" on this one :P

Hooray I found everything and I'm proud of myself!! 

It's a great game made from such a simple experience I thought! Gotta get that laundry done! Nice entry!


Thank you!

Awww I forgot tissue in my pocket!

This is strangely relaxing and even with the minimum colors, I can imagine all the apartment decors somehow :'D I had a good time~!

I keep doing that... in real life! Thank you for playing!