If you can't read Italian you can still play, just avoid stepping in front of the evil ninjas.

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Tags1-bit, Bitsy, maze, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes

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I just went through it quickly, but bunnies and ninjas?? It really makes me curious what they're saying...! (Could you summarize it in english...?)

Also, during the scenes of people talking, did you draw tiles in the background to simulate a speech bubble where the dialogue pops up? It's a clever idea, though I don't think it quite lined up.

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Thank you! This game is born out of a joke between friends so I don't know if it's funny to other people, it also relies quite  heavily on clichés!

Kenobit has been kidnapped by the evil ninja-lawyers of a corporation for mysterious reasons, and brought to the basement of their HQ. The only one that can rescue him is our heroine, the brave Zambunny. She has to be careful to avoid their dangerous shuriken, made out of very sharp paperwork; luckily for her, the corporate dress code prescribes wearing ninja hoods, that causes them to only look straight forward and ignore everything else. Once past the maze, she gets to confront an evil manager with the most powerful weapon: common sense! And thanks to a button, helpfully labelled in compliance to quality standards, she is able to free Kenobit and go home.  

I am going to update the graphics a bit with better bubbles and I'll try the transparent dialog hack, that should look better.