a dungeon for Jennel Jaquays
a detective micro solo RPG
a micro solo rpg - a Brindlewood Bay fan game
Solo journaling TTRPG
a micro solo rpg about being a knight of the round table

TTRPGs stuff

a collection of things that might be useful for running some TTRPGS

Solo journaling games

the ones that are not 5 minutes games, those got their own collection

5-min games


GDR in italiano

Bipsi games


Flickguy generators

A collection of generators, can be randomised or you can pick the elements you like, made using Flickguy

Print and play

games to play IRL


things to make other things

Bitsy games

On jewellery

reflections on art jewellery in interactive form

Bitsy in italiano

Piccoli giochi realizzati con Bitsy, in italiano


small games where I contributed in some way